Stable and Blue flame

burner blue flameThanks to padisan's sabaf design burner, the oven brings a stable and blue flame with optimal gas energy consumption.

Easy clean oven's glass

slide-in glassThe oven's door equipped with a slide-in glass which bring you easy clean availability. also double glass system will save your energy

Homogeneous tempreture

fan in ovenThe oven is equipped with an inimitable fan which bring you a homogeneous temperature all over the oven.

Safety guaranteed thanks to automatic shut-off

burnerIf the flame accidentally goes out or if a burner is left on for a very long time, the gas is shut off from the source, ensuring perfect safety.

Durable and stable structure and design

Thanks to high quality materials and parts, padian's bring you a stable and durable cooking. e.g. cast-iron pan supprt, alumnium/bakelite-ultramid/zamag knobs, powder coated color.

Automatic integrated ignition

The gas oven is lit automatically when the control knob is pushed and turned, in a single-handed operation.